| Eesti keeles


I row my boat into the clouds

if it no longer fits in the sea

there, where the seal’s peace ends

enormous ships eat their catch

now clouds are my islands

birds pretend they’re fish.


Swans flap their wings

sails billow from their wind

I try not to be angry

and I don’t boast to angels

when they stare at me with big eyes

as if I am some miraculous bum


The forest is like a boot brush drowned

softly on the earth

Water does not sunbathe

because it has a big umbrella

I wear a shirt pink as water

with mushroom thread embroideries


The clouds’ edge is far away

behind the clouds are still more clouds

burning my eyes

I row under a sign that forbids it

toward the horizon where you stand

smiling, a knife in your mouth


My salesman and master

today we take a break

We will halt time for a bit

allowing others to run errands

I stop my boat in the clouds

where the Milky Way begins